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== OpenSource WebRTC IdP  ==

i'm a student of University of Naples "Federico II", and i'm working 
about my master thesis, that concerns about performance analysis in 
two different streaming technologies: DASH and WebRTC, in the context 
of Digital Rights Management.
About WebRTC-part, i'm using Janus (http://janus.conf.meetecho.com) as
 WebRTC gateway; now i have to use a simply Identity Provider for 

I've read draft in IETF about WebRTC security architecture, W3 specs 
about APIs for communications with an IdP and a lot of papers/drafts 
about idebtity management in WebRTC.

My questions is:

How could i implement a simply IdP? My teacher told me about Oauth, 
but i'm not very expert about identity provider management.

At the state of art, is there something ready-to-use? I hope answer is
 "yes" :)


Best regards.

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