Re: [webrtc-stats] Stats to keep track of sync between audio and video

SGTM I would suggest lastPlayoutTimestamp to differentiate it from an 
initial or some other playout timestamp.

WRT the description. I think a little more detail to be able to 
understand what the clock is. Could you add which clock is used?

For e2e delay we utilize the remoteVideo.currentTime. Could we ensure 
that we have this in the same location and utilizing the same clock 
(and on both video and audio)? This can be accomplished by either 
moving this to the remoteVideo object or add the currentTime to the 
track stats. This will allow us to track e2e delay by just subtracting
 as well as a/v sync. 

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Received on Saturday, 4 February 2017 00:47:36 UTC