Re: [webrtc-stats] Unclear which framerate "framePerSecond" represents

To echo what has already been said,
- Actual achieved framerate is already achievable with framesSent and 
framesReceived or framesDecoded (which may be lower than 
framesReceived due to incorrectly decoded frames or frames dropped on 
the way to the decoder - can that happen?).
- This should be configured frame rate.

So, for "configured framerate", we are either talking about:
- "Target framerate": the lowest value of all or some of: a=framerate,
 track configuration and RtpSender's maxFramerate.
- Adapted (degraded) framerate; what the encoder or decoder is 
currently using.

I expect the adapted framerate is already obtainable by 

So "target framerate" it is. How about something like?

> Only valid for video. It represents the nominal FPS value. This is 
the configured framerate for this track attachment to the 
RTCPeerConnection. It is limited by track constraints and a=framerate 
in SDP. Local tracks may also be limited by encoding parameters (see 

Assuming a=framerate and track constraints are two different things? 
Or is a=framerate what the track was constrained to use?

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