Re: [webrtc-stats] Not clear how to differentiate between received connectivity checks and consent requests

> If we can't differentiate the two we should just remove 

I agree, unless someone brings up something I hadn't considered.

> Does the STUN packet say whether it's a retransmission or a normal 

No, not without a nonstandard attribute to indicate that. However, it 
would still be reasonable to say "responsesReceived" represents the 
number of unique transaction IDs received, and 
"retransmissionsReceived" represents the number of packets received 
with already-seen transaction IDs. You could infer some information 
about packet loss from that.

> Is it useful to be able to distinguish between requests/responses 
and consent requests/responses?

Personally, I don't see much usefulness, and I feel it makes things 
more confusing, so I'd be fine not differentiating. @aboba, @vr000m, 
care to weigh in?

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Received on Thursday, 2 February 2017 19:50:40 UTC