Re: Thoughts for TPAC regarding your spec?

These are largely the remaining CR-blocking issues. We are hoping to tackle some of them at the next interim in October, but can set aside time for the remainder at TPAC if we don’t finish them by then.

On Sep 25, 2017, at 6:34 PM, Taylor Brandstetter <<>> wrote:

Topics I can imagine for webrtc-pc:

  *   Issues related to call forking, including #1612<>.
     *   30 minutes, though easily could end up being more.
  *   Whether a track can be removed from a subset of its streams<>, and whether this should be supported on the send side.
     *   ~30 minutes.
  *   Getting into specifics of getParameters/setParameters: errors, the effects of setting a description, how scaleDownResolutionBy behaves when the implementation is also scaling down due to CPU constraints, etc.
     *   ~2-4 hours?
  *   Corner cases of BUNDLE that cause ambiguity, which we'll encounter when trying to specify RTCIceTransport/RTCDtlsTransport behavior in more detail.
     *   ~1 hour
  *   More differences discovered between the "track model" and "transceiver model" which we need to decide what to do with.
     *   1-2 hours? Depends on how much is discovered between now and then.

My estimates could be way off, though. In the last virtual interim, the topic I thought would be easiest took the most time, and vice versa...

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 12:36 AM, Stefan Håkansson LK <<>> wrote:
Ping! We would very much appreciate some input for TPAC planning!

On 21/09/17 13:38, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> Hi all Editors!
> We've started to discuss how we should use the TPAC time, and would like
> to hear what you think.
> I hope I got all editors for:
> - webrtc-pc
> - webrtc-stats
> - mediacapture-main
> - mediacapture-image
> - mediacapture-depth
> - mediacapture-record
> - mediacapture-output
> - mediacapture-fromelement
> - mediacapture-screen-share
> on the sendlist.
> Any type of input would help us, e.g. are there Issues or other things
> in the spec(s) you edit that would gain from f2f discussion? How
> many/how much time would be needed? Are there dependencies to other
> specs in our stable (or in another group) we should sort out (and make
> sure we can meet with the right people)? Or do you even think there is
> no need to spend time at TPAC at all? (If you are not planning to attend
> at all that is also good info.) Etc.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

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