Re: Move change log into separate file?

Hmm, I liked the fact that searching for old or deprecated APIs pulled up
something in the change log, because it was then easy to see by the date
*which* version I should be looking at.  But I'm okay with it if others
are.  Cullen has had concerns in the past with what's in the change log, so
it would be good to hear from him here.

On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 9:49 AM, Adam Bergkvist <>

> Hi
> I propose that we move the change log into a separate file. Perhaps a
> simple txt or md. I don't think it's that common to have it in the spec.
> The current setup makes it harder to search the spec for old and
> deprecated API. You always get a few hits in the change log section
> where an old method is mentioned. And it wouldn't hurt to make  the
> document a few lines shorter. :)
> /Adam

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