Notes 2017-03-16

media-capture main

#437: merged

#428: Implementation Suggestions section needs review
  Potential reviewers: jan-ivar, shijun and harald (or an alternate he recommends). 


#1067: merged
#1068: closed. 
#1069: merged
#1070: Part of fix for Issue #1053. Proposed changes look ok, but need to generate new figure. 
#1071: Taylor will integrate.
#1072: Also part of fix for Issue #1053. Can be considered next week if all parts of the fix are ready.
#1076: merged
#1081: merged
#1083: merged


#526: For discussion at next VI. Questions:
   1. Whether we should add a reason code to the RTCDataChannel close event.
   2. Whether we need an additional attribute in RTCError to convey the SCTP error code.
   3. Definition of enum errorDetail to indicate the type of error encountered (e.g. SCTP error).
#881: Can we close this now that getAlgorithm is marked "at risk"?
#1044: Section is needed because errorDetail is an enum that is presently not defined.
       Therefore we cannot remove this section as suggested in PR #1068.
#1053: Need to generate a potential replacement figure and check that it looks ok.
#1063: closed
#1065: closed
#1073: Assigned to Taylor.  Looks like the RID is the only member of encodings in "sendEncodings" that is actually  used.
#1075: closed
#1077: closed
#1078: Will wait to see if the submitter is satisfied with the response before closing.
#1079: May be ok to have only one rtx entry, but may need clarification on sdpFmtpLine.
#1080: closed
#1084: We need to summarize the "at risk" features at the front of the document (opened by Dan). 

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