Agenda, Jan 26

Up front stuff:

- Chair changes for Q2/Q3

- WG interim decisions review & PR writing assignments

Pull requests (glorious count!)
#422 Clarify when and where devicechange events fire. ()

#380 Define restrictions on device-info permission. (alvestrand)
#384 Should we use [EnforceRange] on min/max in constraints? (aboba)
#385 ConstrainLong only concern positive values (aboba)
#386 What does "getSettings" return? (alvestrand)
#396 Explanation of "advanced" constraint sets is confusing (burnburn)
#400 Add text to extensibility for consumer of MST (burnburn)
#404 Revive createObjectURL? (stefhak)
Can be closed after interim decision review

#409 Clarify behavior of using unrelated constraints (alvestrand)
#414 Devicechange events when not focus - permitted or forbidden (jan-ivar)
I think this is closed

#425 Do we update legacy methods to keep up with the spec? (burnburn)
#428 Implementation Suggestions section needs review (stefhak)
#429 Specify that getSettings omits non-applicable settings (burnburn)

Pull requests
#624 Upscale allowed (fluffy)
#776 Support for OAuth in TURN credentials (Issue 714 patch) (stefhak)
#971 Clarify wording on TypeError from addIceCandidate. (aboba)
#988 Add RTCOfferOptions.reofferOptions. ()
#990 Add an explicit stats selection algorithm. ()
#994 Changing "non-null" to "missing" to match IDL terminology. ()
#996 Describe when an RTCSctpTransport is created/set to null. ()
#999 transceiver.stop() sends a BYE ()
#1000 Separated auth dictionaries for STUN/TURN (issue 714) ()
Can be closed given that WG went for "hybrid"

#1001 Effect of a BYE on RtpReceiver.track ()
#1002 Event when a transceiver is stopped via remote action ()
#1003 Change SetLocalDescription to require unchanged offer/answe ()
#1004 currentRemoteDescription.sdp need not match setRemoteDescri ()
#1005 Add offerToReceive* as legacy extensions ()

I got a list of issues from Dom where he suggested that we could call
out some issues
as "really needing work", while others were "we know what to do".
I've called out those "really needing work" with a star below.

#295 * Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (fluffy)
#526 NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed (aboba)
#578 Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens (aboba)
#661 Add informative table of all things that can cause negotiat (burnburn)
#671 * Processing remote MediaStreamTracks without MediaStreams in
#687 Clarify reasoning behind and mitigation of privacy issues (
#688 Indicators of usage and data flow (PING review) (dontcallmedom)
#690 Information available prior to permission prompt (PING revi
#709 offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implement (aboba)
#714 STUN/TURN OAuth token auth parameter passing (aboba)
#729 RTCStats timestamp source ambiguous (alvestrand)
#763 * Handling of simulcast errors (aboba)
#787 Integrate RTCRtpTransceiver into set local/remote steps ()
#788 Clean up remaining uses of 'set of receivers' ()
#795 * Specify when a data channel's ID is assigned, and what the
#825 * Need IDP Invalid Token  ()
#826 * Need IDP Expired Token error  ()
#830 * Need Custom Error for IdP  ()
#831 * Define how long should the IdP timeout timer should be
#842 Define JSEP terms like "bundle" and "bundle-policy" in term (burnburn)
#845 "Throw a FooError" steps not written in a consistent manner (aboba)
#849 Specify an AllowUnverifiedMedia RTCConfiguration property  (fluffy)
#857 The RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent constructor should have  (aboba)
#881 Align getAlgorithm return value with Web Crypto (foolip)
#921 currentRemoteDescription.sdp -- does it need to match the l (aboba)
#930 Ambiguous wording in addIceCandidate (taylor-b)
#932 Should IDP Login error cary the idpLoginUrl  (martinthomson)
#942 Meta: auto-publish changes to the spec (alvestrand)
#950 Change SetLocalDescription to require unchanged offer/answe (aboba)
#954 Receive a track multiple times (stefhak)
#959 Advanced Peer-to-peer Example (aboba)
#961 Effect of a BYE on RtpReceiver.track (aboba)
#962 Event when a transceiver is stopped via remote action (aboba)
#964 * Handing SDP with more than one identity  (martinthomson)
#979 When is an RTCSctpTransport created and destroyed? ()
#997 * RTCRtcpMuxPolicy of "negotiate" should be marked as an "at- ()

If we know what to do on all the others, it's just a matter of doing it.

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