Agenda, Jan 12

Environmental update:

- Lots of merges on stats. Two outcomes:
  - A discussion of selectors, resulting in a webrtc-pc PR under discussion
  - An open issue on whether "deleted" objects need to be marked or

- mcasas has converted mediacapture-record to Bikeshed. (For info. Means
toolkits need to handle this too.)


Pull requests
#395 Mark the Implementation Suggestions as non-normative. (burnburn)
#422 Clarify when and where devicechange events fire. ()
I think this should be merged now.

#427 Updating text on whether context object is allowed to reque ()
Needs review from annevk (and others?)

#268 Iframe sandboxing options for gUM (stefhak)
PR exist

#360 Specify relation between return from getConstraints and con (burnburn)
#380 Define restrictions on device-info permission. (alvestrand)
I think this can be closed when #422 is merged (not 100% sure - long thread)

#384 Should we use [EnforceRange] on min/max in constraints? (aboba)
#385 ConstrainLong only concern positive values (aboba)
#386 What does "getSettings" return? (alvestrand)
#390 Clearly mark the "Implementation Suggestions" section as no (burnburn)
#394 Browser's ability to dynamically change settings mistakenly (burnburn)
#396 Explanation of "advanced" constraint sets is confusing (burnburn)
#400 Add text to extensibility for consumer of MST (burnburn)
#404 Revive createObjectURL? (stefhak)
#409 Clarify behavior of using unrelated constraints (alvestrand)
#414 Devicechange events when not focus - permitted or forbidden (jan-ivar)
PR exists

#425 Do we update legacy methods to keep up with the spec? (burnburn)
with getStats, we decided to remove the whole thing.
If backwards-compatible = incompatible, it seems to have limited value.

#426 Move "advanced" out of the Constrainable pattern (burnburn)

Pull requests
#624 Upscale allowed (fluffy)
No response

#776 Support for OAuth in TURN credentials (Issue 714 patch) (stefhak)
Current plan is to deal with this in a small meeting ahead of interim -
Stefan to set up

#971 Clarify wording on TypeError from addIceCandidate. (aboba)
LGTM; rebase

#987 Make the ufrag optional in RTCIceCandidateInit, for backwar ()

#988 Add RTCOfferOptions.reofferOptions. ()
Apart from the fact that I hate adding functionality, this looks OK.

#989 Add dfn as anchor for interfaces, dictionaries, enums, ... ()
I merged this.

#990 Add an explicit stats selection algorithm. ()
Under discussion.

#991 Update JSEP reference in RTCIceTransportState definition ()
Looks good, has comment.

#295 Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (fluffy)
#526 NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed (aboba)
#578 Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens (aboba)
#661 Add informative table of all things that can cause negotiat (burnburn)
#671 Processing remote MediaStreamTracks without MediaStreams in
#687 Clarify reasoning behind and mitigation of privacy issues (
#688 Indicators of usage and data flow (PING review) (dontcallmedom)
#690 Information available prior to permission prompt (PING revi
#709 offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implement (aboba)
#714 STUN/TURN OAuth token auth parameter passing (aboba)
#723 Need JSEP reference for end-of-candidates indication (burnburn)
#729 RTCStats timestamp source ambiguous (alvestrand)
#746 Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is call (aboba)
#763 Handling of simulcast errors (aboba)
#787 Integrate RTCRtpTransceiver into set local/remote steps ()
#788 Clean up remaining uses of 'set of receivers' ()
#795 Specify when a data channel's ID is assigned, and what the  (taylor-b)
#825 Need IDP Invalid Token  ()
#826 Need IDP Expired Token error  ()
#830 Need Custom Error for IdP  ()
#831 Define how long should the IdP timeout timer should be  (martinthomson)
#842 Define JSEP terms like "bundle" and "bundle-policy" in term (burnburn)
#845 "Throw a FooError" steps not written in a consistent manner (aboba)
#849 Specify an AllowUnverifiedMedia RTCConfiguration property  (fluffy)
#857 The RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent constructor should have  (aboba)
#881 Align getAlgorithm return value with Web Crypto (foolip)
#921 currentRemoteDescription.sdp -- does it need to match the l (aboba)
#930 Ambiguous wording in addIceCandidate (taylor-b)
#932 Should IDP Login error cary the idpLoginUrl  (martinthomson)
#942 Meta: auto-publish changes to the spec (alvestrand)
#950 Change SetLocalDescription to require unchanged offer/answe (aboba)
#954 Receive a track multiple times ()
#959 Advanced Peer-to-peer Example (aboba)
#961 Effect of a BYE on RtpReceiver.track (aboba)
#962 Event when a transceiver is stopped via remote action (aboba)
#964 Handing SDP with more than one identity  (martinthomson)
#978 Respec warnings related to missing <dfn> and Object error ()
Resolved by #989

#979 When is an RTCSctpTransport created and destroyed? ()
#983 RTCIceCandidateInit's required DOMString ufrag will throw f (taylor-b)

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