Agenda, October 6 2016

Overarching items:

- What's a realistic timeframe for settling WebRTC-PC to CR?
- Where are we on the addTrack sequencing model?

Pull requests
#395 Mark the Implementation Suggestions as non-normative. (burnburn)

#399 Editorial: Unroll add and remove track steps (adam-be)
Let's merge.

#401 Define indicator states. (burnburn)
Is this close enough to the TPAC preso that we should merge it, or
should we wait until the "using these indicators" PR is ready?

Suggest we skip lightly over these where nothing's changed. If we missed
closing some, please note.

#350 New permission definitions are wrong. (alvestrand)
#360 Specify relation between return from getConstraints and con (burnburn)
#380 Remove redundant list-devices permission. ()
#384 Should we use [EnforceRange] on min/max in constraints? (adam-be)
#385 ConstrainLong only concern positive values (adam-be)
#386 What does "getSettings" return? (alvestrand)
#387 Reinstate strong language on permission ending when tracks  (stefhak)
#388 Wording concern about the text describing the add track and (adam-be)
#389 Camera light and "disabled" tracks ()
#390 Clearly mark the "Implementation Suggestions" section as no (burnburn)
#391 Add a mechanism to inform a video track about its type of c (stefhak)
pbos has started looking at writing an extension spec.

#394 Browser's ability to dynamically change settings mistakenly (burnburn)
#396 Explanation of "advanced" constraint sets is confusing (burnburn)
#400 Add text to extensibility for consumer of MST (burnburn)
#402 Allow ondevicechange to be fired before permission is grant (adam-be)
#403 Polling enumerateDevices potentially being a fingerprint. (adam-be)
#404 Revive createObjectURL? (stefhak)
Waiting for data?

#405 Revert from "constraint" to "constraintName" in overconstra (stefhak)
We may just drop this.

Pull requests
#624 Upscale allowed (fluffy)
Awaiting response

#757 Support ufrag in IceCandidate and end of IceCandidate indic (fluffy)
Awaiting response from pthatcherg

#776 Support for OAuth in TURN credentials (Issue 714 patch) ()
Justin has admitted he was wrong (in bug #714). Suggesting something
close to misi's other PR.

#784 interToneGap and duration fixes ()
OBE if we remove attributes.

#786 How an RTCRtpSender should treat an ended (or muted) track ()

#804 Various small editorial changes. ()

#818 Gathering state cleanup ()

#819 Trickle ufrag in ICE candidate events ()
The PR looks clean, not certain we've landed on this approach.

#820 createOffer/Answer: collect changes to media cofig in queue ()
Adam, are we settled yet? From #782, it seems that Taylor's "loop until
no more changes" is seeing some favor.

#832 Webrtc NV Initial Work (stefhak)
Peter seems to be OK with closing for now.

#844 Throw InvalidAccessError if removeTrack is called with inva ()

#847 Specify how to handle invalid data channel IDs, or lack of  ()
LGTM, albeit somewhat weird. Should the [id] attribute have EnforceRange?

#848 Fix RTCDTMFSender attribute types in prose to match WebIDL. ()
Prefer to remove attributes, myself.

#850 Add Error Handling - Ready for review but prob not done yet ()
This needs review.

#852 Remove duration and interToneGap attributes ()
Think this is mergeable, but discussion shows up other non-clarities.

#853 insertDTMF normalization ()

#855 Unclear when a DTMFToneChangeEvent is fired with an empty s ()

Everything from #787 needs an owner.

#295 Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (fluffy)
#526 NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed (adam-be)
#555 Sort out requirements around IdpLoginError (martinthomson)
#561 Normatively cite webrtc-stats for sections 8.x (alvestrand)
#578 Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens (adam-be)
#579 Congruenting about "The negotiation-needed flag is cleared  (adam-be)
#655 Update JSEP reference to 5.8 (burnburn)
#661 Add informative table of all things that can cause negotiat (burnburn)
#671 Processing remote MediaStreamTracks without MediaStreams in
#678 Support assertions that identify the recipient (martinthomson)
#685 Update JSEP reference for receipt of multiple RTP encodings (aboba)
#687 Clarify reasoning behind and mitigation of privacy issues ( (stefhak)
#688 Indicators of usage and data flow (PING review) (stefhak)
#690 Information available prior to permission prompt (PING revi (stefhak)
#698 JSEP/WebRTC mismatch on empty remote MID (adam-be)
#705 Missing sender identifier attribute (msid) (stefhak)
#709 offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implement (adam-be)
#714 STUN/TURN OAuth token auth parameter passing (aboba)
#720 getting the fingerprint of a RTCCertificate? (aboba)
#723 Need JSEP reference for end-of-candidates indication (burnburn)
#726 Add a ufrag attribute to the RTCIceCandidate structure to i (aboba)
#727 removeTrack: throw exception if sender is not in connection (adam-be)
#729 RTCStats timestamp source ambiguous (alvestrand)
#746 Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is call (adam-be)
#760 Figure out backward-compatible way to indicate ufrag+mid on (adam-be)
#763 Handling of simulcast errors (aboba)
#764 Specify how an RTCRtpSender should treat an ended track (adam-be)
#770 What are the units of interToneGap? (aboba)
#772 interToneGap definition doesn't quite make sense (aboba)
#773 duration definition on RTCDTMFSender doesn't quite make sen (aboba)
#782 pc.createOffer(); pc.addTrack(track); should not include tr (adam-be)
#787 Integrate RTCRtpTransceiver into set local/remote steps ()
#788 Clean up remaining uses of 'set of receivers' ()
#795 Specify when a data channel's ID is assigned, and what the  ()
#798 insertDTMF maximum duration is inconsistently specified ()
#799 Unclear when a DTMFToneChangeEvent is fired with an empty s ()
#801 Description of User Agent/ICE Agent interactions in section ()
#803 Rules for negotiation-needed flag need to be updated for tr ()
#806 Need symmetry to #782 for createAnswer ()
#808 Can the ICE gathering state go from completed to gathering  ()
#811 Trickled candidates may be added to the wrong session descr ()
#812 RTCIceGatheringState definition ()
#813 getConfiguration doesn't include all of RTCConfiguration ()
#814 What does setConfiguration change or not change? ()
#817 The RTCDataChannelEventInit channel member needs to be requ ()
#821 insertDTMF must use must more ()
#822 Need IDP Load Error ()
#823 Need IDP Script Error  ()
#825 Need IDP Invalid Token  ()
#826 Need IDP Expired Token error  ()
#827 Need IDP Code failed ()
#828 Need IDP TImeOut error  ()
#829 Need Fingerprint mismatch error  ()
#830 Need Custom Error for IdP  ()
#831 Define how long should the IdP timeout timer should be  ()
#834 Remove support for changing SDP ()
#841 transceiver.stop() effect on ()
#842 Define JSEP terms like "bundle" and "bundle-policy" in term ()
#843 DTMF: duration and interToneGap attributes: Do we need them ()
#845 "Throw a FooError" steps not written in a consistent manner ()
#846 Not clear how data channel errors are reported, with ErrorE ()
#849 Specify an AllowUnverifiedMedia RTCConfiguration property  ()
#856 RTCPeerConnectionIceEventInit's candidate member should be  ()
#857 The RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent constructor should have  ()

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