Input on a couple of mediacapture-main issues wanted


I've been contributing to #350 and #359, but would like to hear for 
opinions on how to move on:

For #359 it looks like Martin is alone. Jan-Ivar, Shijun, Harald (and I) 
think the spec is OK as is. I can see three options here:
1. Close the Issue saying there seems to be no support for doing the 
change Martin proposes
2. Take it to the list to confirm (and then do 1.)
3. Ask Martin directly in the Issue for a comment (he has been silent 
lately) given the input from others

Regarding #350, I'm not sure were we stand regarding the Permission 
spec. There were some updates coming, no?, and in addition we talked 
about changing "request permission" to "request access". Harald, I guess 
you are most on top of this?


Received on Thursday, 19 May 2016 09:12:14 UTC