RE: Agenda, June 23 2016

I am having trouble getting into the Hangout and the phone number/passcode doesn't seem to work either. 

Any ideas?
From: Harald Alvestrand []
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 5:00 AM
Subject: Agenda, June 23 2016

Overarching items:

- Who's present over July / August?
- Who's going to Berlin?
- What versions need pushing before / just after Tuesday's interim?


#367 Convert to WebIDL contiguous mode in ReSpec ()
Perfect time to merge?


#350 New permission definitions are wrong. (alvestrand)
#359 MUST clear requirement for deviceId (aboba)
#360 Specify relation between return from getConstraints and con (burnburn)
#366 WebIDL requires constraints on getUserMedia to be optional (alvestrand)

#368 Remove navigator.getUserMedia from the spec. ()
I'm too close to this to comment. Assignee?

#369 Remove 'advanced' constraints from the spec. ()
Reopening previous discussion. Assign to chair ...?

#370 Restore the active/inactive events on MediaStream ()
This is a "do we care about what's implemented" topic. Assignee?


#601 Specify the synchronous and queued steps for addIceCandidat (adam-be)
As Jan-Ivar asks: Can we land this?

#624 Upscale allowed (fluffy)
No fluffy action.

#647 Clarification on RTX in Codec Capabilities/Parameters (aboba)
Next interim.

#675 RTCRtpEncodingParameters attribute to turn on/off sending C (aboba)
Next interim.

#683 Add RTCRtpCodecRtxParameters dictionary (related to #548) (aboba)
Next interim.

#695 Meaning of "Liveness checks have failed" (adam-be)
Discussion needed? I'd like to understand concerns.

#699 Revised WebRTC 1.0 RTCIceTransportState diagram (stefhak)
Ready? Address Taylor's comments?

#704 Use 'create an RTCRtpSender/Receiver/Transceiver' definitio ()
Dom's comments need addressing

#707 Mark main definition of RTCRtpSender as such [editorial] ()
#708 Fix link to defaultIceServers [editorial] ()
#711 Fix link to rtcpc constructor ()
Editorial block. All merge?

#712 Reference MMUSIC RID document ()
Travis doesn't like it. MMUSIC-RID is undefined.

#713 Missing destruction sequence ()

I'd like to have someone pick up #709, since it originates from my team.

#253 Assurance that requests to IdP proxy originate from the use
#257 ICE Candidate should have accessors for protocol-relevant i
#295 Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#296 Debugging ICE problems needs more info (aboba)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (fluffy)
#337 Interfacing between WebRTC spec and JSEP (burnburn)
#457 Non-normative ICE state transition diagram (taylor-b)
#526 NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed (adam-be)
#548 RTX/RED/FEC handling (aboba)
#551 Errors when identifying a m-line in addIceCandidate() (adam-be)
#554 We never fire the 'connectionstatechange' event (adam-be)
#555 Sort out requirements around IdpLoginError (martinthomson)
#561 Normatively cite webrtc-stats for sections 8.x (alvestrand)
#562 What to do with an RTCIdentityProvider that returns rubbish
#566 Separate sender and receiver sets are unnecessary when we h (burnburn)
#571 Mechanisms for populating the contents of RTCRtpSender/Rece (taylor-b)
#578 Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens (adam-be)
#579 Congruenting about "The negotiation-needed flag is cleared  (adam-be)
#600 Operations queue: What is run synchronously before the oper (adam-be)
#644 Fob on RTCRtpEncodingParameters to turn on and off sending  (aboba)
#645 public negotiation-needed flag as readonly (adam-be)
#654 Need JSEP reference for general RTCPeerConnection descripti (burnburn)
#655 Update JSEP reference to 5.8 (burnburn)
#658 Link addIceCandidate to JSEP for applying ICE candidate (burnburn)
#661 Add informative table of all things that can cause negotiat (burnburn)
#669 Missing destruction sequence for ice agent. (aboba)
#671 Processing remote MediaStreamTracks without MediaStreams in
#678 Support assertions that identify the recipient (martinthomson)
#684 Proper JSEP reference for sendEncodings in subsequent offer (burnburn)
#685 Update JSEP reference for receipt of multiple RTP encodings (aboba)
#687 Clarify reasoning behind and mitigation of privacy issues ( (stefhak)
#688 Indicators of usage and data flow (PING review) (stefhak)
#690 Information available prior to permission prompt (PING revi (stefhak)
#692 Meaning of "Liveness checks have failed" for `disconnected` (adam-be)
#698 JSEP/WebRTC mismatch on empty remote MID (adam-be)
#700 An event for when a Circuit Breaker is triggered (stefhak)
#703 Editorial: Almost all links to RTCRtpSender points to a par
#705 Missing sender identifier attribute (msid) (stefhak)
#706 How does setDirection interact with active/inactive sender/ (aboba)
#709 offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implement ()
#710 Links to 'RTCPeerConnection constructor algorithm' are miss ()

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