Notes Editor's call 2016-06-16

Short notes from today.
Present: Adam, Bernard, Dan, Stefan

Editors are fine in switching to contiguous - and good time to do now, 
or anytime there is no open PR. Pinging @Dom to create a PR.

#360: Dan will get to this (focusing on webrtc-pc and JSEP right now)
#364: Closed
#366: Assigned to Harald


#675: labeled "next interim" - Bernard will prepare
#695: Bernard to contact ICE WG in IETF
#699: Assigning to taylor and me to review
#701: Merged
#702: Assigned to Dan for review - if he doesn't come back in the next 
couple of days Adam will merge
#704: Based on 702

#706: "next itnerim" label added, assigned to adam and bernard
#705: assigned to stefan
#703: leaving unassigned - hoping Dom will do a PR
#700: is anyone implementing it? Everyone supports REMB
#685: discussion in two IETF WGs ongoing, lot of unclear things, but we 
need to decide if we want an API for it or not.

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