Agenda, January 28

Overarching issues:

- The 80-character wrapping Travis check is removed. Not easy enough to
get along with for editors.
- That means rewrapping will only happen if editors do it. Be prepared.

Mediacapture-main PR:
#307 Add text about Capabilities and features that can only in mo ()
Long discussion. Does it help? (maybe "considered supported" is better
phrased as "listed in the Capabilities dictionary", so that we avoid
using the word "supported" here?)

#308 Clarify how the generic applyConstraints algorithm applies t ()
Should SelectSettings and applyConstraints be hotlinks?
Text LGTM.

#309 Specify permission model for nested browsing contexts (fixes ()
LGTM (and I'll copy the links over to the permissions doc)

#310 Add contribution guidelines (based on webrtc-pc version) ()

Mediacapture-main issues:
#246 track.applyConstraints() doesn't do anything. (burnburn)
Fixed by #308

#267 Permission model for cross-origin iframes (adam-be)
Fixed by #309

#268 Iframe sandboxing options for gUM (adam-be)
Adam? Can we get a proposal (PR) to the list? <iframe allowusermedia>?

#288 Dealing with LC-3019 "WebIDL compilability in template" (burnburn)
I think we can close this. What remains, if anything?

#296 How to handle known but unsupported constraints (adam-be)
I think we should try to make this as simple as possible.

#305 Use permissions API model for describing permissions? (alvestrand)
Hope we're going to land the permissions model soon. Waiting.

Webrtc-PC PR:
#317 Make RTCDataChannels Transferable (stefhak)
Stefan, any improvements?

#434 Change setParameters call to be Async  (fluffy)
Pinging fluffy.

#443 Updating build configuration (martinthomson)
Needs rebase.

#445 Make DataChannels Transferable and explain the implications (stefhak)
See #317

#462 Add PeerConnection.activateSender() and update early media e
#463 Add more explicit language about transceivers, MIDs and roll
#466 Use an enum to describe directionality of RTP Stream (pthatcherg)
Waiting for pthatcher to respond to all these 3.

#467 Use enum for voiceActivityDetection ()
Others' input, please! (interim topic?)

#468 Replace DOMError with DOMException (burnburn)
Error handling.

#470 Remove remaining pseudo-static notations ()

#471 Use enum for RTCDataChannel’s ordered attribute ()
Grumble (same as #467)

#472 Update error reports to align with existing DOM Errors (burnburn)
Review by Dan?

#475 Definition of Active for an RTCRtpReceiver ()
Looks OK - marginal value @receiver.

#480 Remove ambiguous language on changing certificates in rtccon ()

#484 In Change log section fix the heading of the latest entry. ()

#485 Update SOTD as the document is now quite stable and the grou ()

Webrtc-PC issues:
If we get here, let's use this tool:

to look at some categories we can do something about.

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