Re: Cleaning up webrtc spec

On 28/09/2015 12:36, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> Den 25. sep. 2015 18:37, skrev Martin Thomson:
>> Happy to do so.  I will wait until I learn what Dom is up to, so that
>> we don't end up replicating work.  I have a PR on the -fromelement
>> spec already that can be trivially ported, but Dom is working on
>> something better.
> Dom, can you reply to the thread so that the editors learn what you're
> up to too?

I've been building a better script to run from travis ci (as well as 
from everyone's own machine), which should get us quicker turn around in 
travis, easier disabling of failing rules, possibility to stick to a 
specific respec version when respec is buggy, less-likely-to-fail 
linkchecking, and integration of tidy both for markup debugging and 
(optional) line wrapping detection:

The code is mostly ready, but I need to work with Vivien on documenting 
it; once that's done, I'll deploy it on mediacapture-main with line 
wrapping enabled (ideally after the 2 pending PRs have been merged or 
closed), and on webrtc-pc without line wrapping enabled.


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