Notes 2015-09-17 continued (sort of)


PR 240: Dan is responsible, will get to it
PR 242: goes away with Martins recent proposal on the list.
PR 256: Adam to make a PR on this the PR
PR 266: Needs review by implementers. Pinging Peter and Martin
PR 306: Adam to check. PR looks OK.
References to public references should be removed throughout the doc. 
Adam to file an Issue.
PR 304: Merged.
PR 302: List discussion ongoing.
PR 301: Maplike. Still in Jan-Ivar's hands.

New Editor's draft: The chairs would like a new Editor's draft with the 
things we decided in Seattle included well before TPAC. Decided to 
release a new draft early next week, and push for getting PRs in. Adam 
to drive to get the next version out.


PR 211: Adam has commented, waiting for input from Jan-Ivar and Joe. 
Need to get this one done.

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