Re: WebRTC editing

Hi Peter,

sorry to hear that you (at least currently) are too busy with other 
things, but thanks for letting us know.

The chairs will have to discuss between us and with the editors how to 
best manage in this situation.


On 31/08/15 19:52, Peter Saint-Andre - &yet wrote:
> I would like to apologize for my lack of contributions to the team's
> efforts. It's not fair to the working group, it's not fair to the
> chairs, and it's especially not fair to my fellow editors.
> Unfortunately, my bizdev responsibilities and technical workload at &yet
> continue to expand, and finishing 10 active Internet-Drafts "on the
> side" is taking more time than I expected.
> Right now I see two options:
> 1. I resign from the team.
> 2. I continue to contribute at a low level in the hope that I can
> contribute more actively later on.
> Perhaps the chairs and editors can have a frank discussion amongst
> themselves about whether there is any significant value in #2. I tend to
> think there isn't. I'd like to hope that I can find more time for this
> work, but realistically it hasn't happened yet and I don't see it
> happening anytime soon. In a small company, business comes first.
> Peter
> P.S. I *might* be able to help out with the stats document that Harald
> has co-authored since I think it's important and has been languishing,
> however probably not until late this year or early next year.

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