Re: ReSpec WebIDL authoring

On 23/04/2015 10:46, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> The following aspects of WebIDL are not currently supported and are not
> yet tested for:
> * Static, inherit, stringifier attributes. <--- We use stringifier
> * Static operations
> * IDL wrapping (what's this?)
> * Special operations (what's this?)
> * Union types
> * partial dictionaries  <--- We use partial dictionaries, I think.
> Support for these features will likely be added later.
> Suggestion:
> - We won't switch getusermedia (unless someone volunteers for the work)
> - We'll switch webrtc when all the features we need are supported, and
> someone else assures us it all works for them.

OK; note that if we do indeed converge on that plan, I can also look 
into adding the said features to respec/webidl2.js so that this happens 
sooner rather than later.

> For some reason github refuses to show me diffs on the CL you linked to.

Right; that's an illustration of how big the changes were :)


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