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Notes, April 16

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:56:19 +0200
Message-ID: <552FCD93.7070807@alvestrand.no>
To: WebRTC-Editors <webrtc-editors@alvestrand.no>, public-webrtc-editors@w3.org
On 04/16/2015 02:09 PM, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> This is the top of my mind for April 16, please think of other things...
> Organizational changes for the editing team:
> - Moving the mailing list from alvestrand.no to w3.org, making it open
> archive
> - Harald undertakes to send out the top-of-mind message on Wednesday
> not Thursday :-)
> GetUserMedia:
> - We will not do anything with getusermedia this week - the comments
> are coming in, let them rest.
> - Dom's tracker:
> https://www.w3.org/2006/02/lc-comments-tracker/47318/WD-mediacapture-streams-20150414/
> - Dom will watch this and update as approprate

We'll be following up, and going over the list next week. People are
free to comment, of course!

> Webrtc:
> Pull requests: 14 open
> Goal: By the end of the call, have either pushed the merge button or
> assigned someone who will commit to getting something to happen by the
> next call (possibly merge it, possibly by commenting on issues that
> prevent merging). PRs labelled "list discussion needed" are in a known
> state, so we don't need to spend time on them (unless we want to).
> - None of Martin's pull requests are updated yet. Waiting for Martin,
> skipping here.
> - #171 RTCAnswer options: Reassigned to stefan, since he had comments
VAD is on a track basis, so it doesn't make sense at the SDP-generation
Suggest: Raise a new bug to address voice activity detection, and take
it to the list.
Just adding (possibly empty) options shouldn't be blocked on that.

> - #180 editorial fixes: Assigned to Adam - status? (looked reasonable
> last time)
> - #181 ensure valid markup: As above

Basically search/replace PRs. Adam will hit merge once Travis is
finished, if happy.

> - #193 .mid property on sender/receiver: Tied up with the whole ID
> discussion - need to wait?
> - #195 RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack: Active list discussion, let's wait
> - #196 Sender.track - entangled in same discussion. Likely close, but
> let's wait

These three are tied to the discussion around ReplaceTrack (196 closed).
Waiting for discussion to resolve.

> - #206 Harmonizing issue references - style not content. Merge?

Adam will take a look at it, and merge unless he finds an issue.

> - #207 ICE config examples update - merge?
Already merged.
> - #208 Missing references - merge?
Already merged.
> - #210 WebIDL fix for RTCConfiguration (more WebIDL weirdness). Needs
> to remove the explict throw mentioned in comments too, I think. Assign
> to Dom?

The text that is problematic is going to be updated in #211 anyway, so
looking at it there.

> - #211 Adam's new updateIce() - comments point at consensus for full
> replacement - needs update?

Adam will create a PR to say "setConfiguration sets the configuration,
no partial change".
Justin is pinged to comment on the issue.

> Issues: 40 open
> I've started going through the list and marking with "enhancement"
> where it involves new functionality (needs a proposal from either the
> editors or someone else), and "bug" where we can make an edit to fix
> it without changing models.
> Let's go through the "bug" ones if we can, and assign them - either
> write some text, or prod someone to propose text for you.
> Note: A number of bugs are left unlabelled. I found these problematic
> to classify, because they depend in a convoluted fashion on other
> ongoing things. Feel free to assign to yourself any bug you want to
> handle.
For the "bug" category:

#21 MUST / must: Dan takes it.
#35 invalid candiate: Adam
#139 reasons for muted: Adam - probably the track is unmuted when
packets arrive. (might have gotten lost when removing the "new" state).
#140 declaration for error type: Dan - need to make sure we have
consistent errors.
#145 is under control
#156 is "list discussion needed" - not clear what to do.
#198 Resolve SetRemote after onaddtrack: Adam will follow up.

Call ended at 1655.
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