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Renoir, can you look at the CAPTCHA issue in The Bug Genie?

Also, the Google login option does not work, it fails after the user enter
its password with a 400 error -
"OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain:

Learn more <>"
Even if I remove those "443" from the URL given to Google, it redirects
here -

I guess The Bug Genie uses OpenID 2.0 and should switch to OpenID Connect.

Clark, see comments inline.


On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 6:10 AM, Clark B. Wierda <> wrote:

> I found an issue with a page that needed only a simple Wiki update.  The
> page is question is
> and
> the specific issue is the heading "Modularize — one function per task"
> got attached to the end of a line.  All this is needed is a period and a
> newline or two.
> I registered and tried to edit that page.
> The bug is that the field with the raw code for the page is truncated.
> This is true for Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit) running on
> Kubuntu 14.10) and Firefox (38.0 running on the same system).

​There was a syntax error - the pipe character (|) was used within one of
the <pre> examples.
I converted it to an HTML entity reference (&#124;) and now the text is not
longer truncated.

In order to fix (or work around) this kind of issues in the future, go to
the edit page and replace "formedit" with "edit" in its URL.
So -
Should be -

This gives you the source editor (instead of the standard form editor),
which does not suffer from syntax error truncation issues, but shows you
the verbose source. It is generally only useful for fixing syntax errors
and making very low level structural changes.

> I tried to report this.  I was redirected to the project page.  It appears
> I need a new registration for this section of the site.
> New issue, I cannot register.  The captcha does not render and no
> alternative is offered.

​Reproduced. :(​

> Second issue, I cannot register with my Google identity.

Reproduced. :(

> Since there was no Contact Us that I could find, I joined this mailing
> list.

> I apologize if this is not the correct venue, but I could find no other.

​This is the correct venue. Welcome! ;)​

> Regards,
> Clark B. Wierda

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