Re: About existing translated documents

Actually, since both of the websites use the same license, I think you can
simply copy from it. Just make sure you retain the attribution (like the
English version has).

I am not a lawyer, though.

One issue with this is maintaining a synchronized version (if at all
needed, that is). If you change it, the changes will not be synchronized to and vice versa. Perhaps it is not an issue, I do not know.


On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 4:38 PM, jupiter <> wrote:

> Hi, everyone.
> I chose the document, "How browsers work: behind the scenes of modern web
> browsers" (at
> for my first translation on the translating project. But it has been
> already localized into several languages including Japanese as mentioned in
> the preface and all versions are published on the web site at
> There is little difference between the English original documents at
> and So now, I am wondering what to do
> with this translation. I can think of two options as follows:
> 1 Just create a link to the translated document at html5rocks instead of
> replacing the English text to the Japanese one.
> -->This requires all links referencing to this document that are included
> in other documents to be changed, which would be rather troublesome.
> 2 Copy the translated text, make necessary changes, and publish at the
> webplatform site.
> --> This needs permission from all related parties. Who gets it?
> Does anyone have any idea on how to deal with existing translated
> documents, if found, not only in my case but in possible other ones?
> When replying, please CC to so that we
> Japanese translaters can share the information.
> Thanks in advance.
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