Re: ticket for fixing up translation information

I remember we had a long discussion
without a definite outcome regarding the way we implement translations.
Some people were in favor of the wiki/dom/fr (for the French version of
wiki/dom), I (and I think others) was against that.
I think the unspoken conclusion was that we keep it this way (wiki/dom/fr)
for now, until we know more or something.

My preference was to handle it similarly to the way Wikipedia handles it -
using a sub domain for every language. for French,
or similar.
Perhaps we should revisit it?


On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 7:19 PM, Jen Simmons <> wrote:

> We spoke on yesterday's call about the need to have clearly information
> about how people can help with translations. We started to talk ourselves
> around in circles, and realized that actually there's some work here to be
> done — for someone to look into what we already have written up about how
> to create translations, to see whether or not that info is complete, and to
> get rid of any out-dated, duplicate or confusing information.
> I agreed that I'd write up what's needed, and create a ticket in our
> newly-revived project management system. I've done that here:
> If anyone else has ideas, or knows what's up, please leave comments on
> that ticket, number 111. And if anyone wants to dig in and work on this
> issue, feel free.
> Jen
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