Re: Replacing default welcome email. Was: Onboarding new members

On 2014-07-25, 11:39 AM, Amelia Bellamy-Royds wrote:
> Thanks for reminding us about this priority Renoir,

I’m on SSO, and part of it includes the templates, i thought i’d fold
that into our new system.

> I think an important part of the welcome email will be to link to the
> Contributor's Guide [1].  However, that page is currently in disarray 


> However,* what would really be ideal* is if we could add a custom welcome *to
> the page that is displayed when they confirm their account*, so that the
> order of operations is (a) get sign-up confirmation email (b) click on
> confirmation link (c) Get a hearty welcome to WebPlatform and suggestions
> on what to do next.


> If we can do that

Actually, that’s what i’m looking for on the new accounts system. I
found out how to do it.

In fact, its in two repositories. One that holds all of what the user
sees "content-server"[3], and another the texts in various languages


> Of course, all this will change if the new sign-up system has a different
> method of confirming new accounts, particularly if we do not control the
> webpage that displays after a successful confirmation.

Its possible.

That’s why i’m asking for text =)

Welcome email + confirm link source: [0], text [1]
Welcome page after confirm link source: [2] (what’s between {{#signUp}})

NOTE: I can just skip localization (l10n) for now by not using anything
with {{#mustach}} until we work on that later.



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