Replacing default welcome email. Was: Onboarding new members

Hi All,

I was wondering if somebody (Jen, Amelia, Julee?) could write a welcome
email message so we can improve our initial contact message to newcomers.

At this time, its MediaWiki who’s sending the default message —see
thread— and so the new accounts server. Something I’d like to improve.

Once I have a message accepted by the community, I will make sure that
the new accounts server has the new email body. The default email sent
by our future accounts server looks like [file: fxa_confirm_email.png]
(but with WebPlatform instead of Firefox Accounts).

In this mail thread, we discussed to create one but I haven’t got any

Can somebody help with that?


(below, a truncated version of my previous answer)

On 2014-06-11, 10:43 AM, Renoir Boulanger wrote:
> Hi Julee, folks
> After some MediaWiki reverse-engineering. I realize that you can change
> the content by editing a set of wiki pages.
> Here they are:
> Those are the original english message.  I could see the two first by
> creating an account, and changing 2x the email address, and language to
> see them.


> MediaWiki also has a preference setting that allows you
> to change your language preference.
> ( )

In other words, we need to have the same message in every languages.
Everybody will get the same, and translation will be done later.

> The communication email messages are sent based on the contents from a 
> wiki page, but with a variant_code in the address.


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