Re: The "upgrade" Folder Is Exposed To Search Engines

Hi PhistucK,

Nice catch.

Its been a while that /upgrade/ is offline. But that makes me remember
to have this done on though.


On 2014-07-23, 2:54 PM, PhistucK wrote:
> I searched for -
> HTMLSelectElement "wpd"
> And got this page -
> For me, anyway, the second result points to
> *upgrade*/dom/HTMLSelectElement
> <>.
> I suspect it should not be there.
> By the way, I am starting to regret the WPD initials - Google always seem
> to think I really mean WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, a .NET concept
> from Microsoft). This is why I quoted "wpd" when I searched. :(
> ☆*PhistucK*

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