Weekly Meeting Notes, Re: Community Telcon Agenda, 22 July 2014

Chairing: shepazu

Scribenick AmeliaBR

Also on the phone: jensimmons, julee, renoirb
(and possibly lurkers who didn't talk, or possibly just errors with the
phone system making it sound like more people were joining.  Or the Phantom
of the Zakim Phone Bridge...)
FIRST TOPIC: Updates on Active issues

AmeliaBR: On QASprint, some people are still working, but I'll send out a
reminder email this week, to try to get this done.

shepazu: Where are we now?

AmeliaBR: 2600+ done, approx 1700 left (although some of those are in other

JenSimmons: On the Project management tool, Julee and I have been working,
and Amelia joined for an "epic" session on Friday

...we're still working on things, trying to get things sorted and figure
out the best way to do what we want to do, so once that's finalized we'll
want to present to everyone.  We don't want to present the details now
since we might still change our minds.

...The other thing we're doing is going through all the existing open
tickets, deciding if they're still relevant, and moving them into the new
organization system.  Many of what's left is low-priority, but they are
still relevant.

<@renoirb> Thx jensimmons

...The moving is important.  We're going from 13 separate projects to two
project streams.  When this system is working, it should be a lot easier to
track what we're doing and monitor what needs to be done, instead of having
emails get lost as you get busy.  I think Renoirb had been using the
system, but no one else really had been.

...We should start using this tool instead of phone calls and emails to
keep on track.

shepazu: anything to add, julee

julee: Just that we're still working on it.

shepazu: I want to add, you mentioned that discussion should be in the
system instead of on these calls.  I also think we should then organize the
agenda of these calls based on the issue tracker.

jensimmons: Exactly.  Maybe I didn't explain things clearly.  The calls
would be a chance to open up and decide priorities and what we're going to
do about the issues.

...Also, to keep things running there would need to be a sort of project
manager to keep things organized.  We've talked about setting up a regular
triage team to go through new issues.

shepazu: Not to say too much until it's finalized, but I am working on
trying to get us a part-time project manager.  But I think a triage team
would also be important.

...This system will be great, to help us keep track and organize
everything, when we've got lots of competing priorities and things get
shifted around.

jensimmons: Yeah, I think there is some efficiency lost currently in this
team, when we come back to an issue and have to re-hash what our decisions
were, what our priorities were.  Having it all documented will avoid
repeating.  And for new people, it is easier to find out what is going on,
what our priorities are.

shepazu: And to have a place to file a bug.  It will be great to have this
up and running.  ...so that we can all complain about what's wrong with it
and argue for the next few years!

<@renoirb> Compat tables templates notes in this Gist:

shepazu: On the compatibility tables, renoirb and I have been working on
making the data Live, to the end user, and not just to us working in the
back of the database.

...Renoirb has got us most of the way to actually deploying the
templates.  The last step is to tie the templates to a form, so that
editors can change the data key/token that is used to retrieve the data, in
case it doesn't match the name of the page.  Overtime, we can shift the
names in the JSON data to match our pages, but for now we want to make sure
we have a way to edit it.

...Renoirb: remind me, in the CSS property pages, we can already see the
live data?

<@renoirb> e.g.

<@renoirb> Sorry, got confused, the right one is

renoirb: yes, in the properties.  We could do it in the selectors, but the
name might not always match,

shepazu:  So we're going to work on it.  I might ask Eliezerb to do that.

julee: You should contact him directly to confirm he's not on vacation.

<@renoirb> Note that each table can be accessed like this too
a Canonical way to grab the table view

<@renoirb> or raw,
NEW TOPIC: Upcoming Events

shepazu: An update on Brazil.  I have been talking with the W3C's partner
office, they've agreed to fly me down to lead a DocSprint.  What do we want
them to work on?

AmeliaBR: When's the date?

shepazu: Late August.

AmeliaBR:  Too soon for me to get SVG ready for a sprint.

julee:  With the readiness markers, we could just suggest people to work on
"Almost Ready" pages, make them ready.

shepazu:  The other thing that's coming up late August is the SVG/Web
Graphics conference.  I have a forum to speak there, we could try to
arrange something to encourage participation.

AmeliaBR:  I can keep in touch with you about the templates work, and see
if we can get a system ready so that we can encourage people to contribute
to a functioning database.

julee: The other thing is, that there will be a lot of design agencies and
people interested in SVG, and just to get them involved in preparing
examples and other ideas.

shepazu: I'll be meeting with the SVG working group in London prior to the
conference in Winchester.  I might try to set up an intro to SVG workshop.

julee: I was also thinking of pairing up with good designers, who are
already working with SVG, to try to use some of the content.

<@julee> ^— I was also thinking of pairing up good designers with devs &
editors who are working on SVG specs/features, to try to use some of the
NEW TOPIC: Index pages

AmeliaBR:  There was a note on the email list, pointing out some of the
usual problems with design but also suggesting an improvement.  If people
can look at what we combined came up with for the DOM page, then decide if
we should do the same for the other top-level pages

<+AmeliaBR> http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/dom

jensimmons:  I think this is great.  Can we do this for all the ugly index

julee: Long term, we might want to make a ticket to even shorten it further
based on data about which objects are most used.

AmeliaBR:  I can definitely roll this out to the other top-level pages this
week.  Getting a more generic template that can be used anywhere will take

shepazu: Thanks for this.  And thanks to Austin Wright for getting this

julee:  And this would be a great topic for a blog post, community
involvement and so on.

<@renoirb> +1 blog post!

AmeliaBR:  I can do that.  I might bounce ideas off of you.  I was also
thinking, once the QA Review is done, that there should be a blog post with
an update of where we stand, as far as how many articles are Ready to Use
or Almost Ready, etc.

...Those are really separate ideas, though.

shepazu: Two short blog posts makes sense.

<@renoirb> Thanks julee and Jen for the work on the issue tracker!

(Meeting adjourned early for once!)

<@renoirb> Thanks AmeliaBR for scribing !!

On 22 July 2014 10:27, Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org> wrote:

> We'll have a Webplatform Docs community call today, 22 July 2014.
> The call will take place at 1700UTC (13:00 ET / 10:00 PT), on the regular
> phone line and IRC channel [2].
> Telcon Info:
>  Zakim Bridge: +1.617.761.6200
>    VOIP: sip:zakim@voip.w3.org
>  Conference code: 3627 ("DOCS")
>  IRC Channel: #webplatform
> Anyone can call in free of charge by using a SIP client [3]. The meeting
> minutes will be made public.
> Can I get a volunteer to scribe?
> Agenda:
> * QA Sprint
> * Issue tracker and TODOs
> * CompaTables templates
> * Review of open action items
> * Any other topics?
> [1] http://everytimezone.com/#2014-6-17,1700
> [2] http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Meetings
> [3] http://www.w3.org/2006/tools/wiki/Zakim-SIP
> Regards–
> –Doug

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