The final stretch... Re: The June 2014 WebPlatform Quality Assurance Sprint

Thanks and congratulations to Michaela, our fastest sprinter to complete
her assigned block of articles.

For everyone else who volunteered, and either made a good start but then
trickled off or hasn't started yet, please reply to the list if you DO NOT
think you can get them done THIS WEEK (by Monday July 7).

If you DIDN'T volunteer originally, but could have some time this week,
please let us know and we'll reassign some articles to you.

It is really important that we get this done sooner rather than later.
 With the removal of the "purple box of doom" warning [1], we currently DO
readiness states.

We need those bright red and orange "Not Ready" and "In Progress" banners!
 While I appreciate that some of you have been taking extra time to improve
the quality of pages or added detailed editorial notes, what we really need
right now is for you to sprint through the articles assigning states.  If
in doubt, underestimate the readiness (e.g., if you're not sure if it's
"almost ready" or "ready to use", choose "almost ready").

As a little extra incentive, I've added progress counts next to the names
and assigned articles on the project page, so that we can keep track of
sprint scores:

It's not perfect, since deleted articles won't show up, nor will foreign
language articles that are supposed to be left "unreviewed", but it gives
the gist.
Also note that the "search page" links are no longer exact, because of
deleted/moved pages throwing off the cumulative counts.  Please use the
given start and end articles to figure out your correct block.



On 12 June 2014 13:34, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <>

> Thanks to everyone who signed up.
> We have 16 volunteers, which works out as 275 articles each (with an extra
> 12 at the end for tidying up later).
> You can see the assigned blocks, with links to a search page giving the
> full list of articles, on the project page:
> I'll also send out the lists by email to the individual participants.
> As discussed in a separate email thread [1], I've made some last-minute
> changes to the names of the readiness values.
>    - "Almost Ready" instead of "Almost Done"
>    - "Not Ready" instead of "Coming Later"  (this may still change after
>    the QA Sprint is over, reply to the other email thread if you have an
>    opinion on the wording)
> I've also added a couple extra steps to the decision tree, to deal with
>    - non-English articles (leave as Unreviewed for now)
>    - deletion candidate articles (Not Ready, but please also add details
>    to the form)
> As always, if you're having problems, the best place to gather opinions or
> support is the IRC channel [2].  renoirb can usually help with issues
> logging or otherwise using the system.
> Best
> Amelia
> [1]:
> [2]:
> On 10 June 2014 23:33, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <
>> wrote:
>> We're almost ready to get rolling on the massive blitz to assign
>> readiness states to every article in the wiki.
>> I've updated the project page (
>> ), and
>> will be sending all the volunteers a link to a search page with their
>> assigned articles on Thursday.  We'll be trying to get everything done by
>> the end of June.
>> But we've got 4400+ articles and only 10 volunteers so far, so if you
>> think you can spend a few hours this month madly skimming through web
>> platform articles, PLEASE SIGN UP on the project page.  The more people we
>> have, the fewer articles we have to do each.
>> These are the names I've currently got on the list:
>>    1. shepazu
>>    2. renoirb
>>    3. jensimmons
>>    4. julee
>>    5. eliot
>>    6. AmeliaBR
>>    7. eliezerb
>>    8. garbee
>>    9. frozenice
>>    10. Michaela
>> To everyone who has volunteered, please
>>    - Review the Decision Tree and To-Do lists I posted on the project
>>    page and reply if anything is unclear.
>>    - Indicate next to your name which subject areas
>>    (HTML/DOM/CSS/Javascript/SVG) you're most comfortable with; I'll try to
>>    make most of your articles in those sections
>> P.S.  If anyone wants to turn the decision tree into a proper flow chart,
>> that would be great.  The list format isn't very easy to read at a glance.
>> Best,
>> Amelia
>> On 27 May 2014 14:25, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> If you read these emails regularly, you know that there have been a
>>> number of infrastructure activities going on in order to get
>>> looking professional and ready for public consumption,
>>> so that we can remove the big purple "*Web Platform Docs is in alpha
>>> <>*" warning that is currently
>>> on the top of every page.
>>> A key part of this is the new article-by-article readiness marker
>>> system, so that we can clearly indicate to readers which individual pages
>>> still need work and which are ready to use.  We currently have the
>>> templates in place [1], and Jen Simmons is working on adding some style to
>>> make the information part of the layout instead of a warning box [2].
>>> However, for all that to mean anything we need to assign a readiness
>>> state to each an every article.  Currently there are 4408 articles showing
>>> up in my search of pages that use the readiness template [3], of which 4405
>>> are "Unreviewed".
>>> In the weekly teleconferences, it was agreed that the best approach was
>>> to do this was to divide the articles up among regular contributors (people
>>> who are familiar with the content expectations and the structure of the
>>> site), and assign readiness states manually.
>>> *If you can participate, please add your name to the list on the QA
>>> Sprint project page:*
>>> *
>>> <>*
>>> (Note that I've already signed up the "usual suspects", so you might
>>> want to check and remove your name if you're busy all June!)
>>> At the same time as the readiness review, since we don't want to do this
>>> again any time soon, we would also want to take care of any other clean-up
>>> tasks that need to be done manually by someone familiar with the site.
>>> We therefore need to decide on a checklist of Quality Assurance tasks.
>>>  These have to be simple, quick assignments that someone can do without any
>>> additional research, and which will make a meaningful improvement to the
>>> consistency and reliability of the site content.  So far we have:
>>> *The QA Checklist for June 2014 QA Sprint:*
>>> 1. Assign a readiness state. More about readiness states (requires
>>> clean-up)
>>> 2. Add any details about readiness/what is required to the editorial
>>> notes box.
>>> 3. For DOM method pages, assign index values to the parameter entries in
>>> order to get the correct syntax to display, as described in this email post.
>>> 4. Confirm that the new compatibility tables are pulling in the correct
>>> data (Doug Schepers is going to give us more information about this once
>>> the import from MDN happens later this week).
>>> Possible additions (if we have enough volunteers that we can afford to
>>> spend more time per page):
>>> 1. Ensure that every page has a summary section.
>>> I've added a couple other sections and ideas to that project page [4],
>>> but everything else is still pretty tentative.  Ideas and initiative
>>> welcome -- I'm not going to have time to do much extra work on this myself,
>>> but we wanted to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.
>>> Best,
>>> Amelia
>>> [1]:
>>> [2]:
>>> [3]:
>>> [4]:

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