RE: Community meeting, regrets

Regrets. On vacation.

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On 2014-08-26, 11:15 AM, Amelia Bellamy-Royds wrote:
> Understood.  Let us know when there is news to report.

Got it!

> Does anyone else have agenda items to discuss?
> I'm rather busy, and was just planning to monitor the discussion on IRC.
>  Doug's off to exotic locales I believe.
> Jen & Julee, do you have updates on the project tracker system?  I think
> that's the only aspect of work on the site that hasn't been held up by the
> 503 problems with the wiki server.

A server error from the backend will always be 503 :)

The exact cause is a combination of various factors.

Most of what was running the wiki are outdated softwares with known
memory leak problems. That, plus the haystack of micro changes without
source control shot back at me.

Also, the WikiMedia Foundation improved some deployment configuration
that we will gain benefit from.

Take the case of the caching with Memcache for example. We have two
memcached VMs, but no synchronization of the data between them. It means
that one out of two MW requests, it had to re-generate data because it
didn’t find what it was asking for. Only because of that lack of

The great improvement will be that I will have an EXACT local copy our
full mediawiki installation and configuration. This is something that
was itching me since day0.

Keep you posted.


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