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Today: Analytics meeting

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 12:03:03 -0400
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To: List WebPlatform Analytics public <public-wpd-analytics@w3.org>
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that today we have a slot for the Analytics meetings and, in comparison to the previous weeks, we have progress to discuss about.

For people who wants to participate, please have a look at [0][1].

Prior to the meeting, I would like that you spend some time looking around the new Piwik installation [2] and gather notes on what could be improved.

1. Tracking code coverage
2. New setup overview
3. Help by one of the Piwik core contributors
4. System analytics: 
    4.1 Logstash: Upcoming system analytics tool
    4.2 What kind of events you would like to know when they happen? (A user just saved a revision, …)
5. Analytics dashboard
    5.1 changes in the project scope?
    5.2 how it is impacted with new Piwik setup
    6.3 Review the requirements gathering wiki page [3]
 - …?

  [0]: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Analytics
  [1]: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Community/Task_Force/Analytics
  [2]: http://tracking.webplatform.org/
  [3]: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Requirements/Analytics



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