Re: FYI: CSS grid layout module docs

I think a property should not be deleted if there is a sufficient (someone
needs to define "sufficient" here) amount of online mentions, because
people will search for it.
If we could hide these properties from the regular listings and only make
them searchable (in order to do that, we probably must link to them, so
having an collapsed obsolete listing can be a way), that would be best, I


On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 11:24 PM, Scott Rowe <> wrote:

> Of course, yes, but there we're talking about properties that have been
> implemented and then deprecated.
> When properties that have been dropped from the spec have never been
> implemented in any browser, as is the case with these Dave has cited, there
> is no point in documenting them at all. We'll mark them for deletion,
> rather than delete them outright, in case the spec authors change their
> minds or otherwise actually implement them.
> Once the spec is finalized and implemented, we'll delete the unimplemented
> properties that have been marked, and going forward, to those properties
> that have been implemented and deprecated, we'll affix the requisite
> warnings and redirections.
> Sound good?
> On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:31 AM, PhistucK <> wrote:
>> I think we converged on a policy where any property that was implemented
>> by at least one vendor, or is currently regarded by any online material
>> should not be deleted, but instead show a big and bold notice that points
>> the reader to a proper replacement. Barring any proper replacement, it
>> should be noted that the property is obsolete. The examples (if any),
>> however, should be removed, in order not to encourage further usage.
>> ☆*PhistucK*
>> On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM, David Gash <> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've been assigned to update the CSS grid layout articles in WPD. The current
>>> W3C spec <> is quite recent
>>> (Sept. 10) and is basically a moving target, so the WPW table<> article
>>> list is understandably out of date. This note is to let everyone know that
>>> I'm working on the group of articles and how I plan to proceed.
>>> In the WPW table there are completed articles that refer to properties
>>> no longer in the spec, stub articles that refer to properties not in the
>>> spec, and missing articles that should be added per the spec. Thus, in
>>> order to do a complete and accurate treatment of grid layout, various WPW
>>> table entries need to be added, changed, and removed.
>>> To start, I'll note in the following articles' summaries that they are
>>> no longer in the spec, mark the articles as deletion candidates, and note
>>> that status in their WPW table entries:
>>> * grid-definition-columns
>>> * grid-definition-rows
>>> * grid-row-span
>>> * grid-span
>>> * grid-position -- no current article or stub; should be removed from
>>> the WPW table
>>> Then, I'll update the following articles and their WPW table entries per
>>> the current spec:
>>> * grid-auto-columns
>>> * grid-auto-flow
>>> * grid-auto-rows
>>> * grid-template (shorthand)
>>> Finally (probably concurrent with the above updates), I'll add the
>>> following new articles per the spec -- these should be added to the WPW
>>> table:
>>> * grid-template-columns
>>> * grid-template-rows
>>> * grid-template-areas
>>> * grid-auto-position
>>> * grid (shorthand)
>>> * grid-row-start
>>> * grid-column-start
>>> * grid-row-end
>>> * grid-column-end
>>> * grid-column (shorthand)
>>> * grid-row (shorthand)
>>> * grid-area (shorthand)
>>> I will update, but not add or remove rows in the WPW table; that should
>>> probably be left to the coordinators.
>>> Note that as the entire grid layout module is not yet implemented, even
>>> in Chrome Canary, the spec may change even as I document it in WPD.
>>> If you see any errors in the above, please let me know.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dave Gash

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