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Piwik tracking

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 12:08:40 -0400
Message-Id: <AA84AF3A-753D-4504-B130-67CB722950ED@w3.org>
To: List WebPlatform public <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Hello everybody

I'm working toward enabling again Piwik tracking throughout the site and I have a few questions in mind.

1. Why do we not track throughout all the domains instead of specific per subdomain? Is it only to have a segmentation already made?

2. Why do we use Fastly as Piwik frontend when it is technically useless since piwik big usage vector is to create stats (e.g. /piwik.php) and we cannot cache it through HTTP? [1]

3. Who has the [superadmin] password, I do not want to override it?

In case you want to follow the progress, see this task [0] in the project management system.

I'll keep you posted.

  [0]: http://project.webplatform.org/infrastructure/issues/INFR-48
  [1]: http://www.garron.me/en/blog/install-piwik-behind-varnish.html


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