WPW: Coordinating CSS properties

Hi everybody,

I've been reviewing the work on CSS properties, and I believe we need to
perform an assessment of the project status, which properties are complete,
which from the backlog still need work, and which from the master list are
still waiting to be worked on.

Shall we develop a new table of incomplete backlogged properties to work on
before we start working on more properties?

To get to that, we need the coordinators to run through the existing past
verify the status of those properties under each coordinator's
I've done this for those assigned to me, and I'm happy to help any other
coordinators audit their properties.

We've also got our secret weapon, Dave Gash working on the Week
from the August backlog, and I'll be helping him with these.

Once we have the status of the current backlog up to date, we can then copy
those table rows into a new table for this week's effort.

If you are a coordinator, could you please run through those properties
under your purview and determine the status? If the property is done,
please mark it as such in the extant past report table. If we can get this
audit done by tomorrow mid-day, we can then draw up a table for this week's
properties. Please let me know if you need any help.


Received on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 17:55:44 UTC