RE: Zurich #WPDS is a wrap!

Let me pile on the praise! Looks like a fantastic event.


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Fantastic work everyone! Thanks, Jay for pulling off another successful event!

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 5:13 PM, Peter Lubbers <<>> wrote:
Great stuff, Jay!

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:05 AM, Andre Jay Meissner <<>> wrote:
The Zurich Web Platform Doc Sprint is a wrap!

Pure stat hunters might have liked to see more attendees: 15 out of 31 registrants attending resulted in a 52% no-show, which is pretty unusual for Switzerland; this was probably due to the current holiday season as well as the pouring (!) rain.

But hey, this is clearly about quality not quantity, so let's talk more about the longest traveller to the sprint: Francesco, who came in from Rome, Italy. Or how about probably the youngest ever Doc Sprint attendee, Samarth (age 13), who made the script<> tag shine on Web Platform Docs!

The fifteen very motivated and skilled contributors were a fairly even mix of Web Platform veterans and newcomers, and got stuck in to a variety of tasks ranging from bug investigation to example coding and doc writing. We can report the following work stats:

* 283 total edits
* 8 CSS pages written: specific CSS accomplishments logged (as requested) at the [3] Web Platform Wednesday pages<>
* 11 HTML element pages written: dl, dd, dt, s, del, ins, center, meter, button, a, script
* 4 HTML attribute pages written: id, required, type, target
* 2 API pages written: VibrationAPI, Canvas Tutorial

David Maciejewski from t3n Magazine attended, and, in addition to contributing edits to the site, wrote a nice (german) [4] review<> about the sprint and its motives, encouraging the community to organize similar events.

A huge thank you to all attendees of this Doc Sprint! Special thanks to Colab Zurich for the location sponsoring and handling the catering throughout the day, as well as Mozillas Chris Mills, contributor Rodney Rehm and Googles Mike West for joining as on-site experts - and all of you for helping to promote the event beforehand!



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