Re: Web platform docs demos

> [At the suggestion of Alex K, sharing with the broader group]
> Hey guys,
> I was looking through WPD this week and noticed that although
> there's a lot of good coverage for inline code snippets there
> doesn't seem to be many/any runnable demos that readers
> can try out.
> Aside from the work Lea is doing for the next version of Dabblet, 
> have we considered integrating/linking some of the (fantastic) 
> minimal demos Sam Dutton has been doing for
> I'm not sure what the status of iframed demos is but just thought
> I'd throw the idea out there :)

Cheers for passing this idea on Addy. There's some nice little demos here, and we should definitely consider using them as the basis for some of our inline demos. Lea is very close to finishing Dabblet, so I think we can look to combine the two.

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