Some Charts about WPD Users


whilst making myself familiar with the backend, I took some time to pull some statistics,
please look at the result here: (needs flash)

This is private work and not official. The totals might be off a bit. If someone is
interested in the 2 SQLs, I can post them (just poke me via mail or IRC),
they basically check if a user has an entry in the recentedits table.

My initial plan was to geo-locate the users' IPs, but there was a problem, see my
other thread from just now called "why we can't allow anonymous edits".

So instead I had to use the "Location" fields from the user profiles (where filled in).

Btw, if someone knows a good and easy-to-use open-source alternative to the Google
Visualization APIs I used, please tell me! Also, I hope the doc sprint dates are correct.

- fro

Received on Sunday, 16 December 2012 03:16:56 UTC