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I was under the impression--and I think this a good idea--that we were providing both navigational models. Readers can find what they're looking for by technology: go to Canvas and then look for tutorials, reference, etc. for canvas. They can also navigate by content type: go to the tutorials and find tutorials on canvas, appcache, and CSS.

This is what we're striving for, yes?


>>> 1. I think it is good to be able to go to one landing page for all
>>> documentation, be it ref or tutorial - docs currently does this. This
>>> immediately fragments the user's navigation decision and makes them
>>> think about what they want in the first instance. "HRM, I want to
>>> learn something about technology X. Do I want reference documents or
>>> tutorials?" versus "I want to learn something, so I'll start off by
>>> going straight to docs." Once they've made a click, they are already
>>> invested in their journey into the site.
>>> 2. I think people are more likely to want to search by technology,
>>> rather than type of documentation, so breaking it up like this in the
>>> first instance is not the best way to go, imo.
>> I see what you're saying. But then why do we separate out reference in
>> the first place? And how do we show the relationship between the two
>In the new landing pages I have created, the pages will be separated out first
>by technology, so HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, etc.
>Then on each sublanding page, the pages will be separated out by page types.
>So CSS learning pages (tuts and concepts), CSS property reference, CSS at rule
>reference, etc.
>It is still worth separating out the page types, as each will require different
>info. And there will be relationships forge by the related pages links we are
>planning to add to each page.
>I am now also thinking that it would make sense to have a page just containing
>links to all the tutorials. But then, getting between them would be made
>easier when we have this global WPD navigation menu we have been talking
>about. Whihc is another thing we need to decide upon ;-)
on your doc)

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