Re: Web Platform Involvement Ideas

I think the only way an official G+ Community Group would be useful is 
if we simply used it as an isle for feedback; any other use and it is 
just fracturing even more which we don't need. I will talk with editors 
at the DocSprint today and see what they think we should do as far as 
feedback, I will make sure to bring this option up with them.


On 12/11/2012 1:26 AM, Chris Mills wrote:
>> Lastly, I briefly chatted about this with some people in the IRC channel, but maybe look at leveraging Google+ more by creating a community with the existing Google+ page? I am still not certain if this is entirely needed as this would somewhat mimic the Q&A feature already available on the website, but would in the same breadth bring in a lot more "foot traffic" as there are already numerous users who frequent Google+ on a regular basis and could thus contribute / ask questions.
> I suppose it'd work well in terms of casual users happening upon it, rather than people having to make a conscious effort to find it. But one problem would be that this would mean _another_ place to frequent and maintain. And we've had enough criticism about that already, with the properties we've already got. So it would maybe require some careful thinking.

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