Raw IRC notes: Community Telcon, 2012-12-11

chrismills <member:chrismills>  joined the chat room.
[09:02am]julee <member:julee> :Meeting started
[09:03am]jswisher <member:jswisher> :presents!
[09:03am]jrunrandy <member:jrunrandy> :Presents
[09:03am]julee <member:julee> :Present
[09:03am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :Present!
[09:03am]cgoodman <member:cgoodman> :present!
[09:03am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :Present! But I can't seem to dial
[09:03am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :I'll keep trying...
[09:04am]julee <member:julee> :? couldn't find details of this IRC channel
on the meeting invite/page.
[09:04am]€jswisher <member:jswisher>  added a mention of freenode to the
wiki page
[09:04am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : we should add it
[09:04am] Suresh <member:Suresh>  joined the chat room.
[09:04am]julee <member:julee> :@jswisher <member:jswisher>  did.
[09:04am]€shepazu <member:shepazu>  url?
[09:05am] scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_>  joined the chat room.
[09:05am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : agenda: check
last action items
[09:05am]jswisher <member:jswisher> :shepazu <member:shepazu> :
[09:05am]julee <member:julee> :agenda: every 2 weeks?
[09:05am]julee <member:julee> :agenda: julee <member:julee>  to talk content
tf meeting
[09:05am]julee <member:julee> :agenda: get word out about DocSprint
[09:05am]julee <member:julee> :TOPIC: open action item
[09:05am]scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_> :Present
[09:06am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :ACTION, Doug S: Write up proposal for
usage of data from caniuse, quirks mode, etc. on Wiki, and send link to list
(carried over)
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :Carrying over ACTION, Doug S: Write up
proposal for usage of data from caniuse,
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :quirks mode, etc. on Wiki, and send link to
list (carried over)
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :Carrying over ACTION, Doug S: Approach Event
Apart folks about doing WPD doc sprints
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :to tie into their events.
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :carrying over ACTION, Doug S: Make more
progress towards hosting Webplatform skin on
[09:06am]julee <member:julee> :GitHub
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :Carrying over ACTION, Doug S: Post a proposal
to the list about best solution for
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :duplicate title problem
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Peter L: Create doc sprint in a Box
package for docsprints
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :NOTE: progress made, see
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :and
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :Needs to be collated, re-orged, finished.
[09:07am]€shepazu <member:shepazu>  here now, but no progress, trying to
solve mw upgrade problem
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :Peter's made progress. Will finish up for
tomorrow's DocSprint.
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Garbee <member:Garbee> : Continue
working on solution for issue/bug tracking, as
[09:07am]julee <member:julee> :we really need a better way to do this.
[09:08am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : I think Garbee
<member:Garbee> 's made progress. But Garbee <member:Garbee> 's not here, so
carrying this one over.
[09:08am]julee <member:julee> :Carrying over ACTION, Doug S: Send summary to
mailing list of everything he can find
[09:08am]julee <member:julee> :to do with statistics
[09:08am]julee <member:julee> :Carrying over ACTION, Alex K: Implement
attributes/actions stuff (carried over)
[09:09am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION: Paul I: Do further investigation into
feasibility of markdown
[09:09am]julee <member:julee> :tool (carried over)
[09:09am]julee <member:julee> :This has been carried over several times.
Paul cares about this, so if he follows up great. But let's drop it off this
[09:09am]julee <member:julee> :scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_>  +1
[09:09am]paul_irish <member:paul_irish> :sounds good
[09:10am]julee <member:julee> :jswisher <member:jswisher>  has heard of
others, but agrees about dropping it from this list
[09:11am]julee <member:julee> :scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_>  some pages.
[09:11am]€julee <member:julee>  gave some feedback
[09:11am]julee <member:julee> :Oops, that was for ACTION, all: look at the
doc sprint pages, give peter feedback
[09:11am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Doug: follow up with Ryna about the
session handling/login issues
[09:11am]julee <member:julee> :- most urgent bug right now
[09:12am]julee <member:julee> :Supposedly not supposed to modifying some
files. But @Doug doesn't know what the originals were supposed to be. Ryan
hasn't been available. Mised a meeting.
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :If anyone knows about MediaWiki skinning,
please help. Otherwise @shepazu <member:shepazu>  will work on it on his
own. Fixing these files should make it easier to upgrade in the future
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :This ACTION will be carried over.
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, NotTomato: Follow up with Doug on
creating the new user group,
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :and getting the templates user groups sorted
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :NotTomato is not in this call. Did she follow
up with @shepazu <member:shepazu> ?
[09:13am]julee <member:julee> :shepazu <member:shepazu> : no
[09:14am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : need to figure
out what to do about Actions that keep carrying over.
[09:14am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Desbenoit: sort out Windows font bug,
[09:14am]julee <member:julee>
[09:14am]julee <member:julee> :Judging from bug, looks like progress has
been made, but also carrying over.
[09:15am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Chris M: find better things to link
the front page bullets to.
[09:15am]julee <member:julee> :Video is a possibility, in the near future,
[09:15am]julee <member:julee> :Chris is progressing on this.
[09:15am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION, Chris M: write up formalization of
mentors, padawans, badges,
[09:15am]julee <member:julee> :etc. Create a formal proposal.
[09:15am] Adam___ <member:Adam___>  joined the chat room.
[09:15am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :progress made - discussion has
being going on on mail
[09:15am]jswisher <member:jswisher> :"desbenoit" is pronounced  day-ben-WAH
[09:15am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :I have just created an About page
[09:16am]chrismills <member:chrismills>
[09:16am]julee <member:julee> :AGENDA: Should we hold this meeting every 2
weeks? Content TF is going into detail about how to organize things.
[09:16am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :whihc just leaves on more slot to
[09:16am]scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_> :two-weekly meeting: Aye
[09:16am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :I also wrote down formalization of
mentors and badges
[09:16am]julee <member:julee> :shepazu <member:shepazu> : aybe alternate
with this call and the conference call.
[09:17am]julee <member:julee> :jswisher <member:jswisher> : Starting
bi-weekly starting in January.
[09:17am]chrismills <member:chrismills> :I think we should hold it every 2
weeks for definite, but then have an extra meeting if we feel it needs it
[09:17am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :topic: Performance issues
[09:18am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :whoops, strike that
[09:18am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :julee <member:julee> : There are still
issues with performance, task management, etc.
[09:19am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : if we do a tech
mtg, we need a secretary/program manager for it.
[09:19am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : need to get
someone so we're shamed into getting tasks done.
[09:19am]julee <member:julee> :Eliot: Maybe it should be a meeting about
process, with real work being done on irc and email, reporting back to
[09:20am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : Really looking
for a secretary or program manager: tracking tasks and following up with
[09:20am]julee <member:julee> :scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_> : Keeping eyes
on goal.
[09:21am]julee <member:julee> :jkomoros <member:jkomoros> : Don't know what
the next steps are, but will take an action item on making sure that
discussion is moving forward.
[09:21am]shepazu <member:shepazu> :s/shepazu <member:shepazu> : no/shepazu
<member:shepazu> : yes/
[09:21am]shepazu <member:shepazu> :q+
[09:21am]julee <member:julee> :Š Ideally every two weeks, but still need to
follow up on tech meetings, and maybe meeting should follow W3C format
[09:22am]julee <member:julee> :Š maybe keep meeting unless there's not
agenda items.
[09:23am]julee <member:julee> :shepazu <member:shepazu>  needs to correct
user group question with NotTomato. She did follow up. @shepazu
<member:shepazu>  doesn't want to do anything until upgrade is done.
[09:24am]julee <member:julee> :CJ didn't have Media Wiki experience,  but
might remember how it did it.
[09:24am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION: /me to ask CJ if he remembers
[09:25am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :topic: Content taskforce summary
[09:25am]julee <member:julee>
[09:25am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :julee <member:julee> : We went through
a lot of different action items. All listed on ^ this page
[09:26am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :Š talked a lot about information
architecture/templates, and how it would be good for editors to comment on
them as they come through the pipeline
[09:26am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :Š talked about the docsprint
[09:27am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :Š talked about the idea of styling
pages based on standardization status
[09:27am] Suresh <member:Suresh>  left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 245
[09:27am]julee <member:julee> :Last topic: scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_> :
DocSprint tomorrow!
[09:28am]julee <member:julee> :ACTION:  scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_>  to
send out another reminder to the list.
[09:28am]julee <member:julee> :scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_> : 43 people
are signed up. @scottrowe_ <member:scottrowe_>  will show up early to set
things up, so if you want to come early to help, feel free
[09:29am]jkomoros <member:jkomoros> :julee <member:julee> , can you send the
notes to the list?
[09:29am]julee <member:julee> :Yes.
[09:29am]julee <member:julee> :Meeting Ended

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