Re: Skill badges, mentors, and apprentices

On 7 Dec 2012, at 16:51, Janet Swisher <> wrote:

> On 12/7/12 6:14 AM, Chris Mills wrote:
>> (Another action item form the last general meeting - write this up as a formal proposal. I thought I'd send my initial thoughts around for comment first, before recording them on the site anywhere)
>> We should start a system whereby people are given recognition for the skills they possess, as well as the contributions they have made to the site. So for contributions, you could have badges for 
>> * Q&A moderator
>> * Numbers of answers in Q&A
>> * IRC moderator
>> * Number of new articles
>> * Number of edits
>> * Number of template updates
>> * Translations contributed
>> And then for skills, you could have
>> * Editor
>> * Writer
>> * Template ninja
>> * Design smarts (for those like Seb and Lea, who have contributed styling)
>> * International superhero: Germany, or France, etc. (awarded for certain language contributions)
>> * Domain expert: HTML, or CSS (you have certain specific knowledge of different subjects)
>> This would act as recognition, as well as letting others know what skills you have, so they can determine who best to approach if they have a query or problem.
>> Moving on from this, we should also run a system whereby experts in different skills should act as mentors for those who want to learn. This is especially relevant to WPD specific skills like editing and template modification, but could perhaps be extended to other things. The idea would be that the mentor could train the apprentice in that specific skill, and then once the mentor is satisfied that the apprentice has reached a certain level of proficiency, award them a skill badge to say so.
>> This would probably require the creation of a nice new icon set for this purpose. Would Mozilla's open badges project have anything to help with this?
> Mozilla Open Badges ( provides infrastructure for issuing, displaying, and verifying badges, but it doesn't provide pre-made icons for badges. Both the visual presentation and the criteria for a badge are up to the issuer. (It seems to me that the icon for a badge should be unique to the issuer and the criteria. Reusing an icon could lead to confusion about what it represents.)

I guess, although this does kind of contradict what we said the other day about using established conventions. But then there is a difference between using an established convention, and using the exact same badge. If the meaning of awards differs between different sites, that could certainly cause confusion

(blah blah, train of thought, stream of consciousness ;-) )

> However, I'd be delighted if WPD used the Open Badges framework for issuing badges. I'd be happy to connect you with people on the Open Badges project to discuss further.

Yeah, we should definitely at least consider this idea more. I'd be happy to look into using it.

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