Re: Adding site wide menu to WPD?

I am for finding a way to do prev/next article links for linear 
content.  However right now I don't think that should be a high priority 
to figure out at this time (unless someone already knows how to do it.)  
There is a bug report [1] open for the feature.

Links to W3 specs I'm not too sure on.  Would most readers want to go 
looking into the direct specification?

I also think suggestions of related articles and canonical articles can 
be combined into one point. Perhaps done in a "You may also want to 
read" titled set of links.

Perhaps with a Wikipedia style menu at the bottom of the page then 
linking to W3 specs would be useful since they wouldn't take too much 
space and we could add the article suggestions in there too.

I think that we should look into a single Wikipedia style menu first. If 
it doesn't seem to fit well by trying to do a traditional menu inside of 
it then create a secondary menu for the main sites navigation.



On 12/6/2012 11:05 AM, Chris Mills wrote:
> Ah, cool - great point to bring up, Taylor.
> So a combination of both solutions, or one, or a single hybrid solution, would be great. At the bottom wouldn't be such a bad place to put the site wide menu, if we felt that losing a bit more space at the top of each page was that big a deal.
> And we did at one point discuss having some kind of related links type bar or menu, which would provide useful things such as:
> * the previous and next articles (if in a specific linear series)
> * suggestions of other related articles to move on to next
> * canonical articles covering the basics of each technology covered (if you are in some kind of advanced article covering an advanced techniques that features a combination of technologies/features)
> * links to the W3 specs for the different technologies discussed in the article
> This is mainly useful for tutorials/concepts of course, but is it an ideal worth resurrecting?
> Chris Mills

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