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Thanks Alex,
To the exception, lemme 'splain, below...

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 4:39 PM, Alex Komoroske <> wrote:
>> Following the Main Content, the page would display a listing table of
>> Objects using the same mechanism that the API_Object page uses to pull
>> together tables of Properties, Methods, and Events - with the "Applies to"
>> field of those pages. This Object/Summary table could replace the
>> query-based or sub page-based table, or we could allow for that table to
>> appear at the end of the page (which would require moving it down in the
>> form).
> I don't think this is a good idea. The Applies_to machinery is very
> specifically suited to members of an interface, where each member is part
> of one interface. The API_Listing pages allow more rich queries that permit
> you to have a single leaf page easily show up in multiple category listings
> without the leaf page having to know anything about where else it's being
> included.

>> The tables generated in the listing pages currently are category based,
which means that even if I leave "print all subpages" unchecked, I still
get the members of the objects in the table, when I only want the objects.
You can see that in the

What I'm trying to do here is generate a list of just the objects in the
API, not all the subpages. I was suggesting the technique used with the
"Applies to" field, but if there is a better way, that's fine.

The idea is to summarize each API object in an API listing, with links to
the objects, so that users don't have to wade through a long table of

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