Tying CSSOM and CSS

Every CSS property has its CSSOM counterpart.
For example, float has cssFloat, font-weight has fontWeight.

As far as I know, both of them share the same values.
Therefor, we should make one draw from the other (CSSOM would draw from
CSS). If values are added or removed from the CSS property, the CSSOM
property should also be updated automatically.

I guess we could do that by adding a field to the CSS property form, that
holds its CSSOM counterpart name.
Can we populate it automatically according to the naming convention? can we
take the CSS property name (API_name, I guess) and automatically convert it
camelCase by default? Of course, the field should still be editable in case
some properties do not use this exact convention (cssFloat, MozColumns)?

Maybe the summary/overview or other sections should also be drawn. Examples
should not be drawn.

Another idea -
Completely remove the CSSOM property pages and make them redirect to the
CSS property page.
(I am not in favor of this idea.)


Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2012 09:30:09 UTC