Re: Switching to Asirra or a better captcha?

Asirra's FAQ page 
( states 
that's not intended to replace audio-based tests, only visual ones, so 
we'd need to find something else for a non-visual test.

Given that, I'd vote for installing the Math extension to make 
MathCaptcha work properly, or failing that, using reCAPTCHA. As a 
sighted user, I often find reCAPTCHA annoyingly difficult.

On 12/4/12 1:36 PM, Taylor Costello wrote:
> Yes actually, there is one for reCaptcha. (:
> We already have it installed, someone would just have to switch the 
> settings in the Localsettings.
> On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 12:34 PM, Michael Del Tito < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Is there any aversion to reCaptcha? Out of the available MW
>     plugins, its probably one of the most accessible for disabled
>     users who are browsing with a screen reader (not sure if/how
>     Asirra handles this). This might not be a concern considering the
>     audience, but it is something I've dealt with recently when
>     dealing with ADA compliance on several university sites so I
>     figured I'd mention it.
>     On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 2:17 PM, Taylor Costello
>     < <>>
>     wrote:
>         We've been getting spam account creation and some accounts
>         that appear to be bots
>         <>.
>         <> I've
>         noticed that we have been using this
>         <>
>         for registering a new account. I was hoping maybe we could
>         switch to this
>         <>
>         instead.
>         It's a little ugly and you might have to beautify it to make
>         the it match the site well but it works a lot better for
>         preventing bot accounts. Bots have a hard time identifying
>         cats from dogs. They get past that math captcha pretty easily
>         though. Does anyone have any better captcha ideas?
>         I'm curious if anyone knows something that would work better
>         or if you guys thinking switching it is necessary.

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