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Just curious. How does Wikipedia structure this? I don't know, offhand.



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+1 on trying out anonymous edits. I know I was one of those who argued against it, but if we're getting pushback about it, I'm open to trying it.

Just wondering (do NOT block on this): is it possible to have MW suggest that an anonymous editor (with a given IP address) create an account, after some number of edits? Kind of a "Glad you like it here -- care to introduce yourself?" thing.

On 12/3/12 1:58 PM, Jonathan Garbee wrote:
I think we should give anonymous editing in the docs a trial run. There have been a few who have spoken about not wanting an account to edit.  Tomato has done a great job with getting some Abuse Filters in place as well. So, I think we should at least give it a shot for a while.  See if anything bad happens (which probably will) but tweak the systems to take care of it mostly automatically.

I understand the need to try and get a sense of community, but honestly some people just don't care.  They see something wrong and want to fix it.  Should we not encourage that kind of mentality as well?



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