RE: Feedback sought on new WPD icon set

I agree with Peter in that we should be using the W3C HTML logos (and other appropriate standards bodies' logos) whenever possible. [1] We want to reinforce our relationships with standards bodies as much as possible and give readers familiar navigational aids, rather than asking them to learn new ones, even if they are wonderfully designed.

I've added a comment to the bug.




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I like the icons so far, I think they would be better with colors off the logo (or other colors on the wiki). Orange and blue are nice and contrast well together but I'm not really sure how well they would go with the style of the overall site. You have an eye for color though. I also think it would be nice if the icons were different colors (that you think suited the category), it would be fun to design templates around those colors and make them change between categories so the wiki was more interesting to look at (such as CSS being orange, and making it so the templates will switch to orange if the topic is set to CSS or something). You could do this with the switch function with the ParserFunctions extension.

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Thanks Chris, and nice work Sebastien.
Just curious, have you considered using some of the feature elements defined on the HTML5 logo page ( For example, the markup, CSS, Graphics, subcategories etc. Some of those are already fairly well established.
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Hi all,

As part of the work we are doing to improve the UX/styling of the landing pages, Sebastien has been working on creating some new icons. He has posted a set of 6 to the following bug: Can you have a look (it's the newest attachment of the ones on there), and give him some feedback?


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