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Hi, everyone.

I chose the document, "How browsers work: behind the scenes of modern web browsers" (at https://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/concepts/Internet_and_Web/how_browsers_work) for my first translation on the translating project. But it has been already localized into several languages including Japanese as mentioned in the preface and all versions are published on the web site at http://www.html5rocks.com/ja/tutorials/internals/howbrowserswork/.

There is little difference between the English original documents at webplatform.org and html5rocks.com. So now, I am wondering what to do with this translation. I can think of two options as follows:

1 Just create a link to the translated document at html5rocks instead of replacing the English text to the Japanese one.
-->This requires all links referencing to this document that are included in other documents to be changed, which would be rather troublesome.
2 Copy the translated text, make necessary changes, and publish at the webplatform site.
--> This needs permission from all related parties. Who gets it?

Does anyone have any idea on how to deal with existing translated documents, if found, not only in my case but in possible other ones?

When replying, please CC to public-webplatform-jp@w3.org so that we Japanese translaters can share the information.

Thanks in advance.

jupiter <gunungagung@infoseek.jp>

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