Fwd: FYI: How to FIDO: A guide for relying parties

Hi web payments folks,

ICYMI, here's our draft "How to FIDO" doc we shared with the WebAuthn WG.
It describes an overall web authentication deployment approach for
aspiring WebAuthn RPs, including directions for setting WebAuthn API
options to attain the described results.

Folks who wish to comment directly may use the below link (to a gdoc)
-- we'll have to grant access individually (apologies for the extra

How to FIDO: Employing FIDO authenticators and the WebAuthn API in
your sign-in flows: A guide for relying parties

There is also a PDF copy attached below, or available via this link:


Dirk, Christiaan, and =JeffH

Received on Thursday, 14 May 2020 17:46:18 UTC