Re: VOTE: Web Payments CG Use Cases

On 9/26/14 2:03 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> This is an official vote for the Web Payments Community Group Use Cases
> document:

Comments on first reading (these are nitpickies that will likely be 
addressed during the fleshing out, but since I'm reading the doc I 
thought I might as well record them, at least where they give me 
trouble with the meaning):
'identity credential' --: appears to use URL and URI as if synonymous; 
but they aren't, are they?

'payment processor credential' --: uses the term 'payment processor' 
three times in the sentence defining itself, which may cause some 
brains to curdle (mine did).

I suggest removing the instance in 'a verified payment processor URL', 
which I think is unnecessary and perhaps nonsensical (since it isn't 
defined yet).

First Sentence is missing a critical 'that' before the 'apply', and 
ends up nonsensical; should be:
"When exploring systems design, there are concepts that clearly fit 
into use cases and concepts [that] apply to all use cases."

All other quibbles don't seem to lead to lack of understanding of the 
meaning so I won't indulge further. :-)

Steven Rowat

> The purpose of this vote is to determine consensus around the set of use
> cases for version 1.0 of the Web Payments work. If the use case document
> is accepted by the community, it will be fleshed out and then submitted
> for consideration to the official Web Payments Steering Committee (IG)
> that may be formed next month before W3C TPAC. The goal is to feed the
> use cases defined here into the official work so they may be reused as a
> basis for the official W3C Web Payments IG use cases document.
> The voting poll will be open from 2014-09-26 at 5PM ET to 2014-10-10 at
> 5PM ET.
> Consensus will be determined by a simple majority (>50%) of Web Payments
> Community Group members (limited to one vote per organization) that
> participate in the vote.
> Please register your vote now:
> -- manu

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