Re: do we meet at TPAC 2014?

Dear Mountie,

>From those members I've spoken to I've no details yet of any CG meeting
scheduled at TPAC and have thus not scheduled to go.

As per yesterday's email from Stephane, there is an *ongoing* vote before
the W3C Membership that closes on 10th October, so please arrange your
contacts to vote in favour (or not) if you want this work to proceed (or

This has been a multi-year effort to get to this point, so I would like to
encourage all CG members to encourage the W3C membership
<> to vote their conscience (Note:
It takes time to navigate each firm if they are not already familiar with
the issues).



PS: I'll be speaking next month in Seoul <>, Tokyo
<> and
Kyoto <>  -- so if other CG members happen
to be at these meetings or nearby, please do let me know as I'd love the
opportunity to meet up.

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> I'm trying to find public schedule of web payment cg at tpac 2014
> but until now can't find.
> do we meet at TPAC 2014?
> regards
> mountie
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