Pre-permathread move request (was: Re: Building Linked Data into the Core of the Web)

On 09/21/2014 04:50 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> On 9/21/14 3:08 PM, Dave Lampton wrote:
>> To say we've always had linked data is kind of silly, I think. A 
>> cop-out, indeed.
>> From day 1 the proposal back in 1989 was of an information system 
>> where data is linked.
> The point is simply this: Linked Data has always been part of the 
> Web. That's been a fact, since inception.

This is request to move this discussion to another mailing list (like
the Semantic Web Interest Group[1]) that is meant for what this thread
is turning into; a discussion of the history of Linked Data and what the
terminology means. Discussion around how Web Payments and Credentials
use Linked Data is certainly in scope, but discussion about Web history
(even though its important to understand) should be done in a more
appropriate forum.

The original post in this thread was just a heads-up about a
presentation given at SemTech about the Web Payments and Credentials
work. It wasn't meant to spawn what looks like a perma-thread in the
making about whether or not Linked Data was a part of the original Web's
design (based on a varying set of definitions of "Linked Data", "part
of", and "original"). :)

-- manu


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